Iqra University, Gulshan Campus: Admissions for Spring 2011

Iqra University has admissions open to degree programs in business administration and education disciplines at Gulshan Campus, Karachi for Spring 2011.

Business Administration programs offered are:

  • BBA (4 Years)
  • MBA with specialization in:
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Marketing
    • Banking and Finance
    • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • M.Phil.

Programs offered in the discipline of Education are:

  • B.Ed.
  • M.Ed.
  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.

Salient Features

  • Placed in the topmost (W) category by Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  • Ranked amongst the top four private and public sector universities in Pakistan in the field of business administration and information technology
  • Rated as a Five Star Institution – the topmost category awarded by Charter Inspection and Evaluation Committee of Government of Sindh


Faculty at Iqra University includes:

  • Dr. Abid Karim
  • Dr. Akif Hasan
  • Dr. Alam Raza
  • Dr. Anjum
  • Dr. Asadullah Larik
  • Dr. Ayub Khan Mehar
  • Dr. Basheer Ahmed
  • Dr. Hina Hussain Kazmi
  • Dr. Husain Pervez
  • Dr. Imdad Hussain
  • Dr. Ismail Saad
  • Dr. Israr Hussain
  • Dr. Jawaid Hussain
  • Dr. Khalid Jamil Rawat
  • Dr. Khan M. Yousuf
  • Dr. K.M. Larik
  • Dr. M.A.K. Chishti
  • Dr. Masood Sabzwari
  • Dr. M.H.K. Mughal
  • Dr. Muhammad Moinuddin
  • Dr. Muhammad Nawaz
  • Dr. Muzaffar Isani
  • Dr. Muhammad Azam
  • Dr. Nasim Qaisrani
  • Dr. R.A. Shah
  • Dr. Roshan A. Shaikh
  • Dr. Saad Azhar Ali
  • Dr. Shams Hamid
  • Dr. Saimah Qureshi
  • Dr. Siraj Jamal Siddiqui
  • Dr. Syed Asif Hassan
  • Dr. U.A.G. Isani
  • Dr. Wasim Qazi
  • Dr. Zaira Wahab

Admission Schedule

  • Last date for form submission: January 21, 2011
  • Admission test: January 23, 2011

Important Notes

  • Iqra University claims to offer a reasonable fee structure.
  • Students awaiting results can also apply.
  • Admission Office will remain open on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Contact Details

For further information on offered programs, admission guidelines and queries, you may please contact:

Iqra University
Gulshan Campus: Abid Town, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Block-2,
Karachi, Pakistan.
Telephone: (+92 21) 34800671-4

28 thoughts on “Iqra University, Gulshan Campus: Admissions for Spring 2011

  1. Farah

    salam.. any one can tell.. i have done my Inter commerce.. wid B grade.. now i want to do is iqra university good 4 it?

  2. talha

    boys n girlz i have one advice for u ur quality dosent depends upon institution it totally depends upon our own… quality comes from inside i have seen many quality students from iqra uni n ihave seen many use less students from other reputed institutes.. sooo goo hard n best for ur degree u have to do work hard to get the best dosent matter ur student of iqra or iba…… thanx

  3. saad

    Assalamualiqum, guys just just tell me why iqra university is not good? gulshan campus is very near to my home thats y m goin to take admission but still i wanna ask u guys plzz let me sure.

  4. MaYa

    Well.. come on people lets agree that the teaching faculty in most of the universities of Pakistan are discouraging. Even senior teacher will regard students as “kachra” and “bekar” during the lectures. But some universities are exceptional. And yeah HEC has placed the Defence one on 4th in their ranking category not the Gulshan one!! but then my cousin studied in the Defence one and gave the same bad remarks about that. Sadly education in Pakistan seems to be going to a downfall.

  5. Saba

    I have just given papers of 2nd year. When is the last date for registration for aptitude tests and stuff?

  6. Taalib.e.ilmm

    Well, for those who are planning for their MBAs, don’t seek admission in Iqra, specially the Gulshan campus.

    1. No guidance is available regarding your subjects. What should be exempted and whats not, that has to be decided by the course coordinator. And the decision if final. What you’ve already read/passed is not their problem.

    2. You cannot change subjects once you’re given deadline (1 week). After which Rs. 2000/- will be fined for any changes. You are assigned subject automatically (not by your choice) and you cannot even know your course teacher until and unless your semester starts.

    3. Some classes are so populated, if you arrive late, you’ve go to the back disturbing many others to find a seat.

    4. Management never listens to you (except some good and supportive coordinators). Sometimes, course coordinators is so lame enough that they always asks you a series of whys? (I already said, except some). If the one is female, then she will be the most busiest (not in terms of helping students, but taking care of her own).

    5. They are always engaged in picnic-fun-kind of activities . At the end, hardly meeting 11 to 12 lectures per course, instead of 14. Make-up classes are then arranged in a haphazard manner, which clashes with other ongoing regular schedule classes badly, creating extra burden and fatigues on students during the end days.

    6. If a teacher covers all his lectures in, lets say 7 or 8 sessions, then the remaining 5 to 6 lectures will be covered in presentations (just to cover all lectures).

    7. Don’t arrive late in exam. All the seats are reserved on the first-come-first-serve basis. If there are 60 students, then total seats will be ~55. Last 5 students should arrange the seat by themselves. Nice na ! :)

    8. Very sorry to say, that there is no photocopying facility available in the premises. It is available outside which is 3rd party shop.

    9. No WiFi available (its 2011 !). One can think, whats the use of a wifi, when they have provided two great computer labs ? Yes, the labs are there but whenever you go there, it is already occupied by a teacher. Yes, the lecture is delivered in labs due to space problem. Now think, whats the point of having a lab then !
    Update: There is WLAN available. But it only a router with no connections to broadband modem. Iqra guys will kill me, infact, Wifi is available though.

    10. Last but not least, don’t eat too much if you’ve 2-3 classes on Sundays, as sometimes the water is not available in toilet’ taps (Solution: You can wait in the bathroom)
    Tip: Come with having less or with no breakfast or pls have a light dinner.

    The only thing, I liked about Iqra (Gulshan campus) is the white cat, cause ‘she’ is the most sincerest and knows the Iqra’s management capability.

    Once a senior teaching faculty of Iqra said about its students during a lecture that, “we are not better then IBA, how can we ? IBA inputs cream and extracts out cream as well. Whereas, we take ‘kachra’ (mind the word ‘kachra’) and the output will be kachra too” – Can you believe ?

    Don’t know how HEC has placed them 4th in their ranking category ? I think it cannot be Gulshan, it will be the Defence one.

    1. mohsin

      these r some serious mismanagement issues

      Wat would u say abt quality of faculty n teaching? N the worth of iqra’s graduates in the market?

    2. Another_Taalib_e_Ilm

      My brother, I am sure that you are IUGC’ student, because you know much about it. Specially that white cat :P lol.
      You seems so pissed off to me. Half of the things you wrote were so right, not to argue on it. But being an student of KU, SSUET and IUGC, I can say that I love my current university (Iqra University Gulshan Campus)
      The things you mentioned here can barely be enjoyed in just 6500rs/course. Fees structure and its value is the biggest plus point of Iqra University.


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